SHARP knife sharpener


Sharp is a portable knife sharpener made from recycled plastic.

The project started on Kickstarter.

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You can check the project on Kickstarter, we reach more than 1000% of our first goal!
Have a look at the comment section to have people’s comments on SHARP.

We are two young engineers always looking for new ways to reduce waste and recycle one of the most used and environmentally dangerous existing material: plastic. For that purpose, we are always thinking about new designs that can help people while being respectful of the planet. That led us to create SHARP –¬†An environmentally-friendly knife sharpener made from recycled plastic.

We include in our logo a number referring to the type of plastic, ensuring that the plastic is fully recycled at the end of life of the sharpener.

Sharp is a portable knife sharpener made from recycled plastic.


– Every sharpener has its own unique color and pattern thanks to the use of different plastic waste pieces and our recycling process.

– An example of color mixes is shown below.


– Get a result in only one attempt

– Works with all types of metal knives


– Each knife sharpener is handmade with love and passion in France by the two of us.


– We chose a keyring design so that you can bring the SHARP on all of your trips



The planet is swimming in plastic wastes, which is damaging animal and possibly human health.

A lot of plastic is sadly single-use and goes directly to the trash. Not all of them are recycled and we wanted to have an impact on our scale.

We ask our neighbors to bring their plastic trash but we were quickly burst by the quantity.

We searched for solutions to reuse plastic and discovered the precious plastic project in 2014. We build a shredder, an extruder, and an injection thanks to that open source project. A big thanks to the community and Dave! ūüėČ

With those machines, we included recycled plastic in our project. We are now really happy to release that new project: SHARP.


We collect plastic waste from our neighborhood
We clean, separate it by types and colors.
We shred it with our Shredder.
We use the shred part as a raw material to inject in our mold.
We create the holes for the metal tools and can reuse wastes from this step.
We assemble everything and check if there are any defaults by hand.
We send you a cool knife sharpener!

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Black, Blue, Blue and Red, Green, Ocean Blue, Orange, Red, Wood, Yellow