Str’O Cocktail



Str’O Cocktail – Your new cocktail measurement straw. Making your favorite cocktail has never been easier!

Str'O Cocktail concept in english

Making your favorite cocktail has never been easier:

Just pour the liquid from the different recipes till the perfect dose on the straw and… and that’s it!

Str'O Cocktail animation

We came up with this idea a few years ago when we started to enjoy cocktails and mocktails (cocktails without alcohol)

We tried it for multiple years and wanted to share our best designs with people.

It is the first time that measurement is combined with a straw!

Str'O Cocktail specifications

Each straw has 3 cocktails recipes on its side.

We designed a kit with amazing recipes approved by professional mixologists.

A kit contains 6 straws. You will therefore get 18 recipes per kit!

Str'O Cocktail kits

We decided to use bamboo straws to reduce the impact per straw.

The bamboo is grown and engraved in France to limit as much as possible the impact of Str’O Cocktail.

Str'o cocktail water consumption

We try to keep the carbon footprint to the minimum, this is why we designed a packaging that will also be the package that you will receive.


It is possible to wash the straws with a dishwasher but we recommend handwashing with direct drying to extend the life of the straw as much as possible.

It is recommended to store them in a dry place.

Weight 85 g